Why should you subscribe to loyalty systems with aPunch?

aPunch Team
Dec 28th, 2019

Do you have or provide a loyalty card for your customers?

You are often asked if you have a loyalty card for a store when you visit it. These are cards that are dedicated to a brand or many brands that are subjected to trade policy provision. You can collect points or stamps to enable you to get free discounts and purchase vouchers when you buy from the store again.

It brings happiness to the customer due to the care it shows, and it increases loyalty to the brand. The customer becomes eager to know what the reward will be after getting the required number of stamps.

So why do you, as a brand, have to subscribe to the loyalty system aPunch?

1 - Simple and easy system.

All you have to know is how to use the system and collect the customers data so that when they return to you, their data is kept in your system.

2 - Low cost.

The actual cost is the value of the system subscription and the time at which the customer data is entered. The rest of the elements do not cost any time.

3 - Getting more customers.

Psychologically, the customer is eager to know what rewards she will get, and most importantly that she should know that the reward is worth the number of visits to the store.

4 - Increasing sales.

The loyalty system is characterized by the suspense for the customers to know what they will get when they finish stamping their cards; this means that the customer will return to you several times.

5 - Your business spreads faster

As is commonly known, customers can not resist the word "free". When you make offers and discounts for their loyalty, your brand will spread wider and faster.

6 - Know your customer:

You can learn more about your customers. Through your customer loyalty card system, you can track their buying habits and behavior and adjust your marketing plan in terms of trends, products, patterns, etc. to increase your profitability.

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